26th Mar 2012, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 20th Mar 2021, 7:56 PM

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After 9 years of this comic living on dA, I decided to make a mirror! Turns out reading comics is much nicer on a site dedicated to them, who would have thought! Also, dA isn't doing so great right now in general...
I'm going to copy over the parts of the artist comments that are still relevant now and set the publishing dates to the original ones, so reading this on ComicFury will almost feel like it's been here all along. Enjoy! :'D

This is a comic of my Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke run. Why a hack run? - I don't want to try my hands at any of the offical games because there are already tons of brilliant comics about each of them, and I would feel pretty insecure comparing myself to my favourites. :3c
Besides, this game is awesome. Read it about it here!

Don't know what a Nuzlocke is? Click here to find out!

Rules for this run

  1. Only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in each new area.

  2. If a Pokémon faints, it's dead.

    1. The Eevee has 3 lives. He can only be revived at a Pokémon Center.

  3. Every Pokémon gets nicknamed.

  4. Bullshit Clause: If something really unreasonable happens due to a design flaw in the game (e.g. there's nothing preventing me from running into an area with a sudden 10+ level jump where I wasn't actually supposed to go), I'm allowed to continue with the same team after a wipe.

The run is FINISHED in-game, so I can't use any helpful suggestions.

I know a lot of people frown upon modifying the rules into something easier, but please bear with me. It's been so long since I finished the game, telling me how much of a coward I was back then won't change anything anymore. I'd do it differently nowadays, just starting the game over if something happens that I really don't want in the story. Sadly, it's too late.
Anyways, I believe more and more every day that telling a good story is more important than having a perfect Nuzlocke run. If I had done anything differently, the story would be quite a bit darker, or we just wouldn't have the same characters we have now. Maybe you'll like them. And trust me, there's more than enough heartbreak to come.

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Mango Cat on 17th May 2021, 2:02 AM

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This cover is really pretty!! :O

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Krisantyne on 18th May 2021, 5:38 PM

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Thank you!! I know it won't be the final one, but I'm glad it still holds up after several years. :D

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Kit_The_Feef on 21st Jun 2021, 11:01 AM

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I'm glad this is on here. It's so much easier to read here than on Deviantart! Gonna re-read it now.

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Krisantyne on 21st Jun 2021, 3:45 PM

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Praise ComicFury! I’m so flattered you want to re-read, hope you enjoy! >w<

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