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21st Feb 2022, 9:01 PM

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Krisantyne on 21st Feb 2022, 8:33 PM

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First of all, First Summer got 3rd place in the Best Overall category and also 3rd place for Best Battle in the Nuzlocke Forums Extravaganza!! ūüéČ I'm so SO happy to win a Best Overall medal AGAIN! There are so many amazing Nuzlocke comics, and last year felt especially teeming with that quality content, and being considered a top favourite among all that, and even two years in a row, is an incredible feeling. ;v; Also I secretly dreamed of getting a nomination for the Moraga Gym battle, and getting a medal for that too is the best thing ever super combo!
Thanks so much to everyone who enjoys my comic, I will just sit and cry forever, starting now <3
No celebratory art this time, sorryyy! 10th anniversary is coming up very soon and I already don't know what to do for that haha

Okay, page now!

Sooo I think the reason why this battle was such a struggle to draw was that it was a complete joke in-game. Utterly anticlimactic and insignificant, especially in the shadow of the very challenging 4th Gym. :'D
I tried my best to make it look cool and added some interesting stuff before and after, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that the whole thing was pointless, which made getting over the hard parts, well, harder than usual. But! I made it, we can finally put this Gym behind us now, and it turned out fantastic!
Thanks so much to everyone who was worried anyway, your fear gives me strength. :3c

I can't tell you why I switched around between Benny and Pilot, the notes just say who battled who and what moves Benny and Pilot used, and I remember zero additional information. Did the Hitmonchan actually get to use Ice Punch or Thunder Punch? Nobody knows! If she did, it didn't do enough damage to be worth mentioning. Forever cursed to live before the Physical/Special split, Gen 3 Hitmonchan can learn those cool elemental moves and then do absolutely nothing with them. u_u

Oh yeah, this Hitmonchan is female (and not trans) because male-only/female-only species are stupid and don't exist.

How to make an already great Pokémon perfect? Add a tail! :3c Pokémon losing their tails in evolution is a crime, so my Machamp has a tail. I love her uwu
It was a lot of fun to make her Parkour around! The one advantage of very human-like Pokémon: infinite references. She turned out a little skinny since adapting photos of humans while also adding more arms is hard, but look at all the nyooom and whooooosh and getting blasted to oblvion by the pink beam-

5th Badge get!! And the 6th is so close, too! We're going places!!

Just a few cameos this time, but it's Something!
Please read the very, very good Nuzlocke comics they're from!
Zerochan923600 - Jet and Lil'Dog
spiritoast - Ilex and Kudzu
pURPLECHUG - Nagrom and Harold
Anike469 - Bertha and Tero, the most regular and normal Squirtle
novamallow - Ethan and Thia

Next time: Thought we're going Outside again? Haha no, my hubris leads me into a cave, voluntarily!

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solaris127h on 21st Feb 2022, 9:19 PM

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Oooooh that's such a cool fight!! Yeah when the machamp starts flying around it does look like "oh shit, we didn't expect that to happen!"

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Krisantyne on 20th Mar 2022, 9:13 PM

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Thank you!! The Machamp sure is offering a whole performance! :D

lChronosl on 22nd Feb 2022, 2:01 PM

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Awesome fighting sequences, as always.

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Krisantyne on 20th Mar 2022, 9:14 PM

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Thank you!! ^w^

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