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6th Sep 2021, 10:02 PM

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Krisantyne on 6th Sep 2021, 9:43 PM

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Okay gamers, this is it. I have peaked. I am very good at art and I will never do this again. They will just get lost in the wilderness and live the rest of their lives there. That's something I can draw without going insane.
But seriously, the more of Castro Valley, the fountain, the market, the sandcastle, it's all there because I wanted to see that I could do it, and I am content with the result. So glad that's over. :'D

Sooo on Sara's day off, Lachlan comes over because I wanted to see him again and because I wanted Schiller to see Terry, dammit. Told you this page was gonna be all self indulgence.
The Noctowl is like that because Lachlan didn't know about the side effects of Vitamins, really, please believe him. (But Noctowl's canon height is already pretty big, right??)
Lachlan's proper human person outfit was designed my old friend RTJGSketch a long time ago, as seen here!

The market is a thing because, well. In-game, the PokéMart in Castro Valley has unusual items like Mail and the Yellow Flute, and there are some warehouses, so it seemed like a special, fun place to shop? Inspiration comes from the little things........
In an unfortunate turn of events for Schiller and Terry, the Red Flute does not work on real feelings, but an attempt was made.

Beach Episode!! In which we finally see humans battling to the death for a change, and in which Ira cheats at building a sandcastle.
Also, I found out that Strandkörbe apparently only exist at the North Sea and the Baltic Sea? There isn't even an English Wikipedia article about them. I hope that's not true. You can't all be going to the beach without ever experiencing the utter joy and convenience of sitting in a Strandkorb. D: Well, they have them in Rijon, too! Write what you know, and all.

Hello again to the Castro Valley Gym! They've been in this exact same spot on Pg. 42, which was not that long ago, and now they kinda have to battle the Gym soon.
Hehehehehe the battlefield is incredibly easy to draw for once, maybe I won't die during the real battle. :3c Fun fact, the order of the Gym Leader Pokémon is completely mixed up, so I would have to draw as little Hariyama as possible. The others could be made to look pretty cute (just wait until you see the whole Machamp!), but there is no salvaging that one. :/

And as usual, around panel 51, we get to the actually important part of the page! My girl, my darling, my only plant who I can't water too much or too little...... ;v; After an excruciating wait until Level 42 for Razor Leaf (yes in Gen 3, that's the fuckin pinnacle of moves for Grass types), she was finally allowed to evolve! Goodbye, last character who was easy to draw. :'D (Gabriel is not easy to draw.)
Special thanks to my pal TheGalacticDragon for making this awesome spiky AU design of Nadia and leading me to the very important realization that original Nadia needed to become at least a little spikier, too!
AAAAAAAHHH they're all grown up!! We made it!! Large friends team: complete! I'm so excited! Every Pokémon I can't reach my arms around is the best Pokémon. ;v;
Uhhhh ref sheet update soon!

Last but not least, cameos!
Bless the Beach Episode Collab for providing some excellent beach attire! (Besides that, I decided to put some characters in older outfits of theirs, so they wouldn't die in this climate, I'm sorry fdalkfs)
Please read all of their very good comics to have a good time!!
SophieDragon - Sophie, Kai and Aria
Tailsimp - Alma, Kim, Cynder and Chickpea
FoxRod-Draws - Raiyah and her hair
SysterSyn - Syn
french-teapot - French
Snacky the Sylph - Amelia and Bowser
Sanctell - Devon and Erwin
ShadeofShinon - Nessa and Gis
TalaSeba - Tala and Samara
VixenKiba - Eclipse
madama-moth - Lehua and Sangria
Riboo - Kai and Fox
Pcaara - Asadi and Sammy
GECKO-Nuzlockes - Corey and Ty
SaltyCatDraws - Alyssa and Tallulah
Also, a Skuntank and Garbodor couple for cmara. Their trainer is a Poison type specialist and is looking at some Incense at the market to make their house more pleasant to visitors. x)

Next time: The 5th Gym!!

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TheTRUEgge on 6th Sep 2021, 10:20 PM

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The city scenes and the beach scenes are all so wonderful and colorful!! You did an awesome job conveying the bustling city, it’s fantastic!!!!

I love that hitmonchan can’t use Ice Punch well at all because this is gen 3, that’s such a great detail. And AAAAAA NADIA THE BIG GIRL,,, fully evolved Pokémon are a curse but they look so powerful, I commend you for them!!
Maybe this gym will be fine! Gosh I hope this gym will be fine.

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Krisantyne on 7th Sep 2021, 7:12 PM

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Uh-oh, I am being rewarded for making the city like that... Might snap one day and do it again idk

Hehehe yes why can Hitmonchan not punch good anymore when you add ice? Because Gen 3! There will be an in-story explanation that actually makes sense, though :'D
The joy of simply having large Pokémon makes up for the difficulties in drawing them!
I'm sure it will be fine~ uwu

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Mango Cat on 6th Sep 2021, 10:26 PM

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This page is AMAZING! Great job! It was definitely worth the wait!

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Krisantyne on 7th Sep 2021, 7:14 PM

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Thank you so much!! :D Currently I'm optimistic that the next page will be not-complicated enough to take a normal time, maybe............

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Snacky the Sylph on 7th Sep 2021, 3:47 AM

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next time I need a snack I'm just going to eat this page, I swear

also, Victreebel content? In my nuzlocke? It's less likely than you think given how common Bellsprout is in the old gens but hey, here it is :D

me rn

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Krisantyne on 7th Sep 2021, 7:25 PM

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Ahhhh thank u! ;v; I'm sure it has all the required nutrients in there somewhere.

Victreebel time!! They tend to die often before making it to Victreebel, and also a lot of people just.....don't like them. Breaks my heart!

Nothing more fun than pointing and going "I know that one!!" ouo

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The Alolan PokeNerd on 2nd Oct 2021, 1:30 AM

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AAAAA I LOVE THIS COMIC!!! ;v; Your art style is beautiful, I love your lore and characters(both in design and personality), and I love how you made Sweeney the villain solely on the way he talked to your character in-game X’D Looking forward to following this comic! :D

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Krisantyne on 14th Oct 2021, 7:26 PM

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Aaaaah thank you so much, I'm so happy to hear all that!! ;v; <3
Hehehe yeah, it was an insane detail to build the whole plot on, but it worked, dammit! :'D

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