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16th May 2021, 9:56 PM

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Krisantyne on 16th May 2021, 9:56 PM

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First of all, some news!
This is the first page drawn in Clip Studio Paint instead of Photoshop, and holy heck, it's so much better! It doesn't crash, it has an amazing brush engine, and it has some ingenious features both specifically for comic making and in general that I couldn't have dreamed of. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to upgrade to a professional drawing program! The price is very affordable if you wait for one of the frequent sales.

Also, I finally made a font of my handwriting. I loved the organic aesthetic of real handwriting, but I was really starting to feel how much time it takes. So this is a compromise. I think it looks alright~

Okay! Now for the actual page!!
We get a flashback to about 10 months ago, with Sara visiting Camy at Moraga Town university. This is a while after meeting Sweeney and a while before he started to isolate her. Good times. :')
The welcome event that happens to the students they're watching is based on a real experience of mine, it was really fun! I don't entirely remember the purpose of it or many other details besides the riddle with the shift cipher. Since. You know. But it was definitely great!

In the present day, Sara runs into Mila, who last appeared on Pg. 28 and 29 when they traveled to Moraga Town together. Honestly, this whole scene only exists because I wanted to see her again and because I wanted to show a little more of Moraga Town. It only ended up being the university campus because I'm not strong enough, but it's something. In my head and in the 5 houses that have been shown otherwise, the city's style is based on Edinburgh, and I yoinked their university, too. Love the city, hope to go there again someday. ;w;

And then we're back to Castro Valley, which was briefly visited on Pg. 42. The 5th Gym is here and we're going there very soon. ouo But first, a little break for the team!

points at them
I have been waiting for 3000 years.... ;v; That's all I'm gonna say, this was almost as bad as the scene with Sara and Lachlan, and I do not want to be Perceived.

Next time: Hope you like this self indulgent stuff because there will be more of it. Also, I regain my green thumb rights.

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solaris127h on 16th May 2021, 10:50 PM

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Everything from NATHAN CONFESSION!?!?!?! to Terry "it's free real estate", to all the Most Important Questions You Can Ask, gosh I love love love this page, and it's so warmly told too! I love the bgs you STILL pump out like holy shit, goals

great job man, and now i get to READ ON COMICFURY NICE

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Krisantyne on 18th May 2021, 6:28 PM

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Pokémon, man.... They're so good and they just do all this stuff, I don't even have to think about it.
The backgrounds always go like

me: haha wow, this epic thing was so easy to sketch. we'll worry about the rest later.
me: oh no

I can never go back.


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Kit_The_Feef on 30th Jun 2021, 11:32 AM

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I've been quite busy these past few weeks, but I've finally finished re-reading this gorgeous comic! Also, I love the adorable gay bird and turtle duo. (Pilot and Nathan are the cutest couple) Actually going back to the early pages, I can see how much the art has improved, and I hope that one day my own comic reaches this standard of quality! (Though I'm pretty sure I'll always have a cartoony artstyle.)

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Krisantyne on 9th Jul 2021, 10:32 PM

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Awww thank you! ^w^ I'm glad it was worth your time and that you agree on the cutest couple, hehe!
I may suffer every day over how the first few pages look, but if it gives new comic artists hope, it's all worth it. ;D I'm sure you will get really good really fast! Your first pages show that you're not afraid to try tons of different things, which is the most important foundation.

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Kit_The_Feef on 11th Jul 2021, 7:27 AM

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Thanks for the encouragement! Although your first pages still look better than mine... That's probably just because I rush them, though.

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Krisantyne on 14th Jul 2021, 8:59 PM

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I started out with some comic making skills from drawing hundreds of comic pages as a kid, so maybe that helped with distracting from the lack of art skills. xD
Honestly? I recommend to keep rushing the pages, getting somewhere with the comic is much more rewarding than having perfectly polished details that you spent ages on. I have to keep reminding myself of that all the time fdsjsfkl

Nurylon on 12th Jul 2021, 11:25 PM

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Ohhhh my goodness this scene with Pilot and Nathan is so sweet! I was just re-reading the past 10 or so pages after being away for a bit and I was thinking, "wow, Pilot and Nathan have such a cute dynamic and must love each other very much" so it's excellent to see it spelled out/which type of love it is! Very good not bad at all you should be proud to be Perceived uwu

Also Terry eating the berry straight from the fire is xD

I remember Mila! It's nice to see her again~

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Krisantyne on 14th Jul 2021, 8:46 PM

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Aaaaah thank you so much! ;v; I'm glad to hear the way I showed the development of their relationship was noticeable enough to not make this come out of the blue! I might be ready to be Perceived a little uwu

What a show-off! :D

Yeee! Mila screentime is time well spent~

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rcbirdy on 15th Jul 2021, 3:25 AM

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Congratulations on your CSP adventure, and congratulations on the confession!! (I may have laughed a little too hard at Nathan spending the entire later half of the evening blue-screening, and I definitely laughed too hard at Pilot's surprised faces, haha!)

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Krisantyne on 31st Jul 2021, 8:47 PM

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Thank you!! Making those scenes funny was the only way I could get through them without dying of embarrassment, so I'm glad they turned out funny indeed. :D

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The Alolan PokeNerd on 2nd Oct 2021, 1:15 AM

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Krisantyne on 14th Oct 2021, 7:11 PM

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Wish they could Mega Evolve, for an even larger amount of gay. ;u;

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