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11th Mar 2021, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 11th Mar 2021, 12:00 AM

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It sure is managable when you can match her Sceptile's level. (Level 40)

So clearly I couldn't use Terry because he only knew Fire Spin. I think it's pretty neat that this unfortunate circumstance can be covered up by him having to recover from his near death experience. That's much less sad than him trying his best to get good enough at fire in time for the Grass Gym and failing. Sometimes almost dying is better. :')

Here's how the battle went in-game!
Vileplume is decently bulky, so Benny couldn't oneshot her and got pretty badly hurt and poisoned, but he still did a great job!
I didn't write down what the Jumpluff did, but it must have been pretty useless, since Nadia made it out without a scratch and smashed her with a single Sludge Bomb.
Pilot still couldn't outspeed the Sceptile, which was pretty scary, but she used Swords Dance. So the only thing he had to do was to not miss with Fly. Quite the nail-biter!! I relearn about once a year that Fly has 95% accuracy, not 90%. When my Pokémon use it, it's 70%. I really really hate this move and avoid it at all costs nowadays. :') But despite the terrible odds, Pilot landed the OHKO and didn't get crushed by rocks! Hell yeah!
Oh, the Sceptile battle actually was before the Jumpluff battle this time, but that would have been sooo anticlimactic. :V

MOM HOLY FUCK I really got the 4th Badge!! It's been less than two years since the 3rd Badge, even though a lot has happened between them. Sweet progress! ;v;
And! The 4th, 5th and 6th Badge are extremely close together. We'll reach the 6th Badge within a single digit number of pages. :D
After that, so much stuff happens that the Badges are pretty meaningless as checkpoints. But still! I'm excite!!

Hehehe you can't imagine how much of the backgrounds here is copypasta and how much is even from the old page. Many thanks to myself from two years ago for drawing all that stuff, I'll put some flowers on her grave. The flowers are getting recycled for a second time, very eco-friendly!
Overall, this wasn't nearly as soul crushing as expected, despite being way too many panels of the same stuff. Maybe I'm getting more powerful. :3c

ShindiSama - Leaf and Nana
SnakeEyesDraws - Tumble and Laurie
Alex Nidas - Leo and Dingding

Read their very good comics! Or else! (・`ω´・)

Next time: They say write what you know, but I still let my characters like camping because I have a strong imagination.

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