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28th Dec 2020, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 28th Dec 2020, 12:00 AM

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I don't have anything to say about the first scene, dialogue with those emotion things in it is too close to the mortifying ordeal of being known. I have to cover my eyes while posting this.

Surf HM get!! In-game, the doctor's house is just a little house with one guy (not a doctor) in it who gives you the Surf HM and says he got it in the Kanto Safari Zone. Huh. Nobody in their right mind would undertake the Secret House challenge to get the Surf HM and then give it to a random person they just met. So that gave me the idea that the Kanto Safari Zone has something like the Bug-Catching Contest in Johto's National Park where you can win different prizes, one of which is the Surf HM. That's why he has multiple and can give them away. :V
In-story, there are no Badge requirements for HMs because that's stupid. (Also, you can surf on your Pokémon without the move Surf, knowing it just increases their stamina and speed.) But of course you can only use Surf after the 5th Badge in-game. Which makes it very funny that the last bit of the way between the Power Plant and getting back to Moraga Town is a little lake. You can use Fly to get to Moraga Town, but you have to do the whole trek from Castro Valley to get back to the Power Plant. Sooo I actually did the Power Plant after the 4th Gym. The whole in-game order of things from here to pretty much the 7th Gym was a mess, and I will try my best to straighten it out for the story asdfajkslk

I had a lot of fun researching abandoned power plants, it hits right in the aesthetic ( ᐛ )و
Uhhh the outside is just a power plant that was shown in the Pokémon anime. Do I care that it doesn't fit with the interior? Not really. This was enough pain. OTL

The "No more moves after evolving with a Stone in Gen 3" disease strikes again...... Poor Aaron.

Flash HM get, too! In-game, you get it from a professor's aide in the gatehouse between Yuva Mila Lake and the Power Plant. But that's not worth a whole scene, so here.

Danger bird! (: Yesss Zapdos is here! It's level 50, but it couldn't touch Ira, so they had no problem beating it. Would I have Repel'd my way to catch it if I knew it was there? No, I already had a feeling that the tone of the story wouldn't be epic, so using it wouldn't fit. But we can have a little meet with the Legendary, as a treat.......
I felt pretty clever for remembering the Zapdos egg from Pokémon Snap. So that's the design of the egg. Yes, they lay eggs. Thankfully I don't have to have lore for the Legendaries who created the universe and stuff because they don't play a role at all, but minor Legendaries like Zapdos exist multiple times, and while they live very long, they don't live forever and have to reproduce. Danger bird protect baby danger bird........

And finally we're back at Moraga Town, the place with the scary Grass Gym. Is it still scary when you can match the Gym's level? Find out soon!

Back in civilization, it's also time to box the new catches. I wonder who from that Box will show up again.....

Next time: 4th Gym, real edition!

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