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15th Nov 2020, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 15th Nov 2020, 12:00 AM

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I wonder what a responsible trainer would do here... Maybe go back to the city and buy enough potions to heal all team members after every battle? Instead of randomly leaving someone at half health and running out of Paralyze Heals? Really should have done that, huh. I wasn't that good at playing Pokémon 8 years ago.

So that Young Couple with the Plusle and Minun. If you know what's coming, you can make this battle play out really harmlessly. Otherwise, you might, uh, not. They have a full team, and before the Plusle and Minun, they use Raticate, Linoone, Dustox and Beedrill. I had Ira and Pilot fighting them, and unfortunately they knocked out the 3rd and 4th Pokémon in the same round, so out came Plusle and Minun together. Oh no.
They were faster than Ira, so I had to switch out Pilot to not let him get hit by Thunder. In the back I had two other mons weak to Electric, Nadia at half health because I'm stupid, and Terry at full health.
I recently did the calculcation. Terry could have taken a Plus boosted, Helping Hand boosted Thunder no problem. Flareon has fantastic Special Defense.
It was a crit, though.

If you ever had a look at my ruleset, you might remember that Terry has three lives. I already had somewhat planned the character before starting the playthrough and figured the story wouldn't work if he died too early, but if he dies close to the end, that's fine. It's true, isn't it? :V
So yeah, he has two lives left now. It's probably really disappointing that the second one of my mercy rules also went into effect before the first real death, I'm sorry about that. As I explained before, if I started a Nuzlocke comic today, I would redo the playthrough until I get one that fits the story I want instead of using easier rules. But for this comic, this is what we have to work with.
Please just bear with me a little longer, I can vaguely and ominously promise that there will be some kind of poetic justice for this......and the first real death might be sooner than you think.

As for the rest of the battle: After Terry went down, Nathan could come in and use Protect, so Ira was free to use Magnitude. If Nathan didn't have Protect, this would have been even worse. Or if Ira had gotten a really low roll on Magnitude... Oh, and if Nadia had been at full health, I would have switched her in instead, and she would have died, too. The Electric resistance is cancelled out by having less than half the Special Defense of Terry. Plusle and Minun don't fuck around at level 39. (:

In-game at Yuva Mila Lake, there's a lone house with a lone guy in it who gives you the Surf HM, and that's all. Here I turned him into a doctor who has seen this situation all too often.
There are some small villages around the lakes, and he's the only doctor there. He does both humans and Pokémon since there is no specialized Pokémon doctor around. Besides the equipment in his practice in "town", he keeps an emergency kit in the car, and one in the hallway closet for exactly...this. (He used to have a nice rug in the hallway, but not anymore.) The girls are also from the area, that's how they know him. Oh and he has adult children but no wife because they divorced. She didn't die, do not worry.

Uhhh that's it, I think! A very stressful experience all around.

Next time: That's a big bird!

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