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25th Jul 2019, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 25th Jul 2019, 12:00 AM

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Welcome to Filler Breather Time! Everything that happens here is pretty useless, but it's fun! I love pages like this in other comics, so maybe mine is decent, too!

I've been looking forward to the restaurant disaster scene for years, it has ripened well, and I hope it's funny. :V Apparently I liked it so much that drawing the tables wasn't completely excruciating. I got to model the area in SketchUp and trace it, that helped.

skygal333 - Nova, Rigel and Aries
Naither - Emerald and Cotton
justsnooze - Costeau and Rho
random-ftw - Maya and Carla
For the Gijinkas, I chose the ones that would look the least jarringly different when turned into humans. :'D

And here comes the bullet point rambling:
  • The Burger Nidoking could have been pretty much anywhere, I chose Jaeru City because one of the 3 things there is a restaurant. So thematic!

  • The Burger Nidoking coupons were received on Pg. 27. Such a long con!

  • I think I mentioned this before, but don't worry about the burgers and nuggets, they are made from all artificial meat. :'D No Miltank has been hurt for burgers in many, many years. Most humans who are alive right now have never eaten a Pokémon. Of course there are some people who find that idea exciting right because it's taboo...

  • Pokémon eat Pokémon all the time tho. Have a look back at Pg. 24 for more on that. S P L A T

  • Fly!! The 3rd Badge allows using Fly outside of battle, one of the most exciting moments in the journey of any Trainer. ;v; In-story, there is no restriction on HMs because how would that even work, and also they should be available for everyone, not just League Challengers. Sara just conveniently only gets around to using them at the point it was possible in-game. :V

  • Birb too smol for riding... I guess it would be possible to fly while holding on to his leg, but imagine doing that for more than 5 minutes. The flight harness is modeled after an ultralight paragliding harness. You can use it to fly with even a Pidgey, but only if you like to look absolutely ridiculous.

  • Is it okay if I never have Lachlan wear the original outfit again... I feel bad because he was designed by a fellow Pokémon fan artist, but that outfit is so out of fashion and he needs to look cute. :/

Next time: A little bit of Team Rocket!

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