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16th Jun 2019, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 16th Jun 2019, 12:00 AM

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It's Big Fight Time!! I will probably never reach the level of those comics that have battles 3 times as long and with character development and backstory masterfully woven in, but I guess some cool and funny things happened here?

I had absolutely no plan going into drawing this battle, I just thought up the bit I was going to draw the next day every night. :'D It ended up as this humungous thing in which everyone gets their time in the spotlight. Very proud of these three. <3

  • In-game, this Gym Battle was a complete faceroll. The matchups and their order are accurate. When I saw that Electrike was coming up last (this was the last Pokémon game I ever played with Battle Style: Shift), I was like Huh, wouldn't it be cute if Terry got his moment here?

  • The Gym's main battle area has a dirt floor because they know everyone's gonna destroy the floor with Ground moves, so it's gotta be something easy to fix up.

  • I thought that was a pretty good explanation for where Water Pokémon get the water for their moves from, and for how a fish can move effectively enough to be the ace in a freaking Electric type Gym. :V

  • Look, an audience! You know, the last four Gyms seem like places that wouldn't have room for an audience... I totally won't have to draw more people than that ever, right........?

  • Nadia is gaining some confidence. The loss against Schiller in the first Gym was really hard on her, but things are looking up now. ;v;

  • Can you imagine how hard it was to pick names for those Pokémon? I wanted something thematic, but not completely stupid. It was terrible. Absolutely terrible.

  • Similarly terrible was how the red bricks have the same value as the brush tip cursor. I could not see the cursor while drawing the white lines. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to remove my eyes with a spoon, there was no way back on that color choice.

  • 3 (three) (T H R E E) Badges Club! That's this many Badges: :D :D :D Did you know that Nuzlockes in 2019 can get to 3 (three) (T H R E E) Badges? Apparently so!

  • The Spark Badge and all subsequent Badges were designed by the wonderful DMKryl, have a look at them!

Next time: Wild Pokémon behave terribly in a restaurant.

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