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5th May 2019, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 5th May 2019, 12:00 AM

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  • Jaeru City is a town at the beginning of Talrus Foothill which leads to the highest mountain of the region, Talrus Heights - the location of the Pokémon League. We will return here at the very end. Other than that, the only things Jaeru City has to offer in-game are the Gym, the Bike Shop and a restaurant full of trainers. (We will somewhat get to the latter after the Gym.)

  • I regret that I can draw bikes now. All of this just to show that there won't be a bike in this story.

  • Sara doesn't know how to ride a bike. By the time she got over the trauma from that accident, she decided she was too old to learn.

  • Shellder is the only Pokémon Sara would eat. At least if they didn't look like they taste absolutely terrible. Honestly, it's probably an empty threat.

  • Sara rode through the whole night to not lose any more time and get the 3rd Badge in the morning, but her Pokémon are responsible and veto that plan.

  • The Gym trainers aren't accurate to the game, I really just wanted to draw a Guitarist girl. The amount of Pikachu is more accurate. Pikachu are great, I love Pikachu.

  • I love industrial aesthetic. This is what gives me the strength to draw the particular horrors I thought up for this Gym design.

  • It might seem weird that the Gym trainer just spills this personal information about Scott's family to a stranger. Of course they tried not telling the challengers anything, but many of them asked and made Scott sad by pushing him to talk repeatedly about the event that kinda ruined his childhood. So it was better to just tell everyone up front. It's not a secret anyway.

  • In-game, it is implied that Scott took over the Gym just because he surpassed his dad's abilities - he won a battle between them by only using his Chinchou. I had to nerf him to fit with the thing about Gym 3 and 4 having been switched. He's good but not that good, because he's like 11. Also, I hate annoying overpowered child prodigy characters. Leave them some room to grow. I would like to formally apologize to Sparky for making him suffer over this. (Yes, that's Scott's dad's name. He was destined for something.) I swear he will be okay. ;w;

  • Scott is another character who has an official design. I modernized the outfit just a little bit.

Next time:The Gym Battle! A page that really actually ends with a Badge! Can you imagine that?!

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