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17th Dec 2018, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 17th Dec 2018, 12:00 AM

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So there it is. Mystery 1 is over, now you know the motivation for this journey!
I was quite nervous before this reveal because it makes or breaks everything, but it went well! I think it's a bit cheesy, but the logic holds up. I wrote the plot when I was just a smol bean and kept tinkering with it over the years, and I still don't hate, so that's a good sign, right?

When I started this comic, I thought maybe I'd get to this point in two years, like a fool! I actually took six and a half years, and as I finally got here, it reminded me of all the people who wanted to see this but weren't around anymore. I hope they're doing alright. I'll be here forever!

I really loved the theories that some people had about Camy being in Team Rocket! Well, that's not it, but she's caught up in some bad stuff for sure!
Team Rocket is a whole different thing. Mystery 2 is what the hell Team Rocket is doing! And there will also be Mystery 3, but that hasn't started yet. ;D

Uhhh have some more rambling in order from the start of Pg. 32 to the end of Pg. 33:

  • The framed photos are the ones in Sara's room on Pg. 1. Just in better. :V

  • Psychic people are well established in Pokémon canon, and I felt pretty clever in doing something with them. It shouldn't come totally out of left field. ;D But, uh, don't expect too much. I don't want to open the can of worms about how the existence of these inherently more powerful people shaped the society differently from ours. There must be some kind of laws that prevent the abuse of these powers, though. So yeah, Camy will be in trouble.

  • The Linoone belongs to Stella, Sara's mom. She also has two Smeargle. There are a lot of Pokémon in this house.

  • Sheral is one of the few Gym Leaders who has an official design.

  • The outfit Sara is wearing in the panel with the swings was designed by my friend JustMiri, here: DressUp Yes! I actually start using them after 3000 years. :‘D

  • Okay! How! How did I get the idea to make Sweeney, the second Elite Four member, the """villain"""? ...I didn't like him in the game. I thought his dialogue was quite rude. I do not remember what happened between that and finishing up the plot, but that was literally the entire reason. Wow!

  • I also don't want to open the can of worms about politics! I'm very interested in politics, but every time I saw a Pokémon comic focus on politics instead of Pokémon, I thought it turned boring as hell! So, just a short thing, in case you want to know what kind of party Sweeney belongs to. It's the kind of party that thinks they're progressive because they support diversity and the gays and innovative technologies and all, but on the topic of economics they're like "Why can't poor people just buy more money?" So all in all, they're not evil, but completely useless. Just where you'd think an incredibly privileged kid who wants to compensate something that's lacking in their life would end up.

  • In case you don't remember - Red, Sara's dad, was a Pokémon League Champion. So he has some walking-around-at-the-League privileges.

  • I think the conversation with the team speaks for itself. All Pokémon just got like 20% stronger because Pokémon sure love fighting for a cause!

  • Like a responsible person, Sara decided that she shouldn't be secretive about her life if she wants the relationship with Lachlan go to somewhere. He really appreciates this even though he didn't take the story well. It reminds him of how he once almost lost his sister, too.

Next time: The 3rd Gym? In a Nuzlocke?? Is it 2013 or what?

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