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25th May 2018, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 25th May 2018, 12:00 AM

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aHaahaHaHaha I'm free
Rest In Pieces, Backpack
You cannot believe how much I'd been looking forward to getting rid of this thing, it was a good design but both drawing and coloring took a day off my life expectancy every time. Spoiler: I succeeded at making a new backpack design that isn't out for my throat. Everything went better than expected. ouo And! There will be new outfits too because most of Sara's clothes got shredded! (The grey striped one survived, I can still stand drawing that one.)
ding dong the witch is dead

So. Silk Tunnel actually went smoothly. I came well prepared with tons of healing items and Repels and found the way through very quickly despite no Flash.
The girl's Pokémon team is a selection of various trainers' Pokémon encountered in the tunnel. They had a nice variety!
Apparently something about this place still traumatized me because I didn't go back after getting the needed HMs to explore the rest. Sooooo I didn't encounter freaking Lugia who lives deep in there. :'D But that's okay, this story is better when not blown up by unnecessary Legendary encounters! We'll meet the other Legendaries in the game in nice and casual ways.

The tunnel exit goes right into Moraga Town. But of course that wasn't exciting enough. In the town, there's a house blocked by a Cut Tree, and the woman who lives there gives the Fly HM. So I combined these things for more suffering!
The last time we saw the Odditree was on Pg 25. Please give Gabriel more things to cut. He is so happy.

The biggest point of interest in Moraga Town is the Library where you see the Gym Leader of the next city and can read some books about the region's legends. It's not very fleshed out though and doesn't really come up again, sooo skipping that. The library has grown into this neat university instead!

Bye Mila, I loved drawing u ;v;
I didn't love drawing the Blitzle and the bags. Still a very good Pokémon though!

ky-nim's persona as Doctor K.Y. Lee because this opportunity was just perfect :3c

Next time: Cute things!

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