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27th Apr 2016, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 27th Apr 2016, 12:00 AM

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In which I suddenly grow a sense of taste and start using black gutters.

> Has a logical explanation and cool design for Cut Trees
> 2009 meme five seconds later
I'm glad we're now getting to pages that haven't been fully scripted out for years, so there probably won't be any more vintage memes. But I couldn't just cut it. It's my favourite. ;w; For more about the Cut Trees, go to Pg. 16, where they are explained.
Gabriel the Oddish was also caught on that page. He last appeared on Pg 18. and was boxed since then. Now he will stay with the team for quite a while! I'll have to add him to the header haha. As I mentioned before, there is no limit to how many Pokémon a trainer can carry. But the maximum you can use in one battle is 6.
I have no idea who I boxed in-game until the next city. Fortunately, it wasn't that long. ;u;

The Rocket girl is the one from Merson Cave [Pg. 8] who gave Sara the Helix Fossil, but you wouldn't recognize her because she looks like an actual human person now. She is a bit dumb and very generous and she will keep showing up and I love her. She was unnamed up until here, but a reader gave her the very nice name Gwendolyn!
And this is how from one moment to another Nadia became the best Pokémon. Sludge Bomb is savage at this point in the game. :'D

Annnnd now you know why the police sucks! It has been infiltrated by Team Rocket. :D This phone operator knows about all of Team Rocket's activities in the area and makes sure that all calls she gets about them will go nowhere. She uses a super cool hacker script thing to delete the recordings of these calls because of course normally you can't delete them.
...I would like to apologize to the creators of every movie in which something with computers happens. Now I know that they did try. It's impossible to make something look realistic and easy to read at the same time. Easy to read is more important. ;A;
Gee, I wonder who will have to take care of Team Rocket now that the police can't anymore...

bekkomi - Ely and Poké!Blaze in the Pokémon Center
Aerorwen - Charlie and their gorgeous hair in the supermarket
80Roxy08 - Roxy also in the Pokémon Center
TravelersUnite - Alton on the bridge (the guy Alton is playing cards with is a random NPC because I didn't want to draw someone tiny AND from the back :V)

Next time: Very bad weather.

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