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15th Feb 2015, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 15th Feb 2015, 12:00 AM

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Wowwwee if you think this was awkward for the characters, try being the one who draws it. Welcome to shoujo manga hell. I hope there was enough funny shit inbetween to break it up. Please don't leave me.
So why is this happening now? Because endless will-they-or-won't-they games over the whole story are sooooo boring. Who has time for that. I thought it would be way more interesting to study the actual relationship that comes after the fairytale ending. The part where they can be cute without blushing and yell at each other for doing stupid dangerous things. (Someone should make a Nuzlocke where the protagonist has a boyfriend/girlfriend back at home and they call every time they see them doing something stupid on national television.)

  • The trainer in the Pokémon Center is Kris, my player character from X. I promise there will be actual cameos again when there is more than one spot on the page. xD

  • Anyone can become a Nurse Joy. Even a bearded, burly man. The only condition is that you must dye your hair pink. It's an ancient professional tradition and clearly not me being weird.

  • I built Lachlan's stupid house in Sketchup, which shaved many years off my life but saves me many hours every time it appears. I can just get the right perspective and trace it. This is not a surrender, it's a victory over that piece of shit. ಠ_ಠ If you need complex buildings for your comic and they give you a hard time, I recommended this tool!

  • Oh right, I wanted to tell you what the fuck I did in the game around this point. In Owsauri City, there's a mailbox, and after the 2nd Gym Battle you get a letter from Dad, telling you to come home. By then, a path to Seashore City (your hometown) has opened on Hayward Docks, so I went that way, expecting an awesome Item from Dad. But there isn't any event, the programmer seems to have forgotten what he wanted to put there. :V After that disappointment, I went south and caught a Jigglypuff on the first route where the tall grass is accessible now that you can use Cut. Also, in the Berry Shop in Gravel Town, there are some new berries available, but I think the Sitrus Berries were too expensive, so I went through the cave again to Merson City and bought some more Berry Juice instead. I have not been lying to you about Berry Juice for half a year. It really existed.

Next time: We escape the shoujo manga for now and commence the long trek of watching everything go to hell.

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