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23rd Mar 2014, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 23rd Mar 2014, 12:00 AM

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What has two thumbs and is now a proud member of the Two Badges Club? Right, that's meeeeeeeee! OuO
And still nobody is dead yet! People who have played the game have been worrying about my poor Pokémon's lives left and right because this Gym is an infamous run ender. It could have gone really badly for me, too, weren't it for the Berry Juice that Nathan was holding. It enabled him to take another hit and strike back. If I'd had to use a Potion, the beast would have gotten a chance to put him to sleep again or get a crit or Arceus knows what. PRAISE BERRY JUICE.
It was truly one of the most epic battles in this run. Too bad they almost exclusively used physical moves, so it doesn't look as impressive as one would hope for such a battle. I tried. \o/

Rest of the commentary in bullet points as usual, because what's arranging one's thoughts.

  • I HATE SMOOCHUM SO MUCH, can you tell? I really like Jynx because it's been a bro in that one Gen 1 tournament I won't stop bragging about, but UGH what were they thinking with Smoochum's design?? I gave it a dress like in the Gold version sprite so it would look less horrible but it's still horrible. ._.

  • I like my design for Lily. HAIR. Pretty hairrrrrrr. ouo She has a Misty sprite in the game and there isn't any official art of her, so I had to make my own. There isn't a personality for her in the game either. She just sounds confident and makes a dumb ice pun and that's it. Not sure if I did a good job on fleshing her out, she would probably need an even longer page to really shine. u_u Also, don't ask me when or why I started shipping her with one of the Gym trainers, it just happened and probably involved me remembering something wrong because I didn't take enough notes and I think they're hella cute. uwu

  • Look, there are tribunes in the Gym so people can actually watch the matches! I said that the League is partially funded by selling tickets and I'm sticking by it. ... So why aren't there any spectators? ^^; Because it's an early midsummer morning and nobody wants to drag their parka and boots out of the closet to watch a most likely underwhelming Pokémon battle at that time. There will be Gyms where I'll have to draw spectators in the future why did I do this help me

  • The Gym doubles as an ice rink, and I have to tell you that now because the ice hockey and figure skating posters on the outside sucked too much to be legible. The weird rocks that seem to be a staple of Ice type Gyms are removable.

  • Don't worry about Nathan, the cracks on his shell are superficial and will heal quickly.

  • If you don't remember what horrible thing the Lapras did, look at Page 19 again. Yeeaah, that's another reason why Gym Leaders change their roster often (the other reason is that Pokémon have to retire when they become too strong), some Pokémon don't take it well when they accidentally kill someone. This sadly happens sometimes because sucky trainers keep challenging the Gyms without proper training.

  • Mystery Letter - lol no you don't get a letter in the Gym, but this game is really big on letters that you receive in a rather unrealistic way, so I decided to do SOMETHING with a letter. You will see what's in it soon. \o/


Next time: Backtracking to Hayward City because this place here is a fucking dead end oh joy

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