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16th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 16th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM

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A comprehensive guide to find all the cameos:
c0baltjuce's Cobalt and some guy we don't talk about anymore get their Pokédexes updated by PitchBlackEspresso's Vera who seems to work for Professor Jen now (lalala this doesn't make the slightest bit of sense but I really didn't want to waste more panels to do the Pokédex updating bit with Sara) (at the end of Origal Maze (seen on Pg. 17) Professor Jen's aide May upgrades your Pokédex to a National Dex so you can have a Crobat and stuff, but here I wanted to imply that the trainers who help the professor with her work get the new research data from time to time (it's actually better explained on Pg. 4)) (have some more parantheses)
Accidental lesbian lovers GodSAMmit's Sam and NikkyDash's Nikky argue over a map
Marche-Towers' Marche struts his awesome scarf even though it's midsummer
Miss-Arcadia's Arcadia and YinDragon's Ken get an awkward surprise from their birds (I'm so so sorry but this was stuck in my head since I saw that they met before oh god I'm really sorry) (Archimedes is a Pidgeot because she's really tiny as a Pidgeotto)
blackwing2's Sky cycles back to Johto (there's a cycling road to Johto)
grimGrendel's Ariel and AstralMu's Kennedy get off the bus
HihanSkyStrider's Sky, zactoab's Ekim, Iiyume's Yume, RaineyJ's Lucy and RitsuBel's Stella in the pedestrian zone
Vulkabit's Felix and Rezuma meet Benny
Froodals' Wanted Poster chills on a supermarket wall

  • Say goodbye to Adriana, I kinda left her in the Daycare forever. The next time you'll see her she'll be the queen of the place and nobody will refuse her hugs anymore.

  • Pidgeys. PIDGEYYYYYYS. This is the 4th male Pidgey: Pilot. Hunter. Missed catch. Cloud. >| I recently checked what else is on this route, and after 5 minutes I still didn't find another Pidgey. The most common Pokémon were Sentret and Furret. I should have gotten an adorable Sentret to box forever AAAARRRRGHH But in that case I probably would have skipped the Bird Keeper and the super awesome bird fight. ;p

  • Owsauri City is the biggest city in Rijon, which means I'll never have to draw so many buildings again after this is over ahahaha ÓwÒ Notable points of interest are the Game Corner, a fisherman who gives you the Good Rod (I should probably include this somewhere but apparently I never fished so let's see about that) and a kid who gives you 10 Lum Berries.

  • Sara doesn't know about the Gym Leader's team because they change their Pokémon often. There's no lively blogging scene about this topic for some reason okay ;w;

  • I kinda like Dead Mankey Girl a lot and should probably draw her again some time with less blood?

Next time: The beach episode! ... Well, one of the beach episodes. Nearly every city in Rijon has a beach.

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