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11th Jul 2013, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 11th Jul 2013, 12:00 AM

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We arrived at the outskirts of Owsauri City, the biggest city people travel to on their League journeys through Rijon. It's in the north-west, close to the border to Johto. Here's the map of Rijon for those who are interested in such things.
The Daycare actually is in the north of the city, but I moved it to the very south-west for continuity reasons. There is so much more stuff to do in this place, you wouldn't want to watch them going into a separate hotel and then into the Daycare. xD

  • Apricorn key chains - from now on, every time you will be in a hotel where the key chains are generic shapes you will weep silently.

  • In case of repeated failure at drawing someone's head, put a pillow on it. (It's more effective when it makes sense for pillows to be around.)

  • Gabriel the Oddish is still there because, as mentioned before, the team size is not limited. He'll be boxed first thing in the morning, though, so he doesn't get in danger while the others train.

  • One day I will show how Eddie the Omanyte is doing. I swear I would have used him if I had picked a different starter...

  • Of course you could start guessing now what Terry will evolve into, but you'll just make yourself sad. I He was really indecisive in the game. :'D On a different note, I appreciate Glaceon so much more now. And Sylveon's problem are not only the flesh bows (YEAH this is a flesh bow free zone here, you're welcome) but also the big, empty eyes. With that taken care of, it's pretty cute. :3 inb4 there will be another, possibly Dragon type, Eeveelution someday just because editing this panel to add it in would be a big hassle. Did I jinx it yet? No? Man, I would hate editing this panel sooooooo much! ... Now maybe? ;A;

Next time: Training, lots of other stuff around the city, and a reality check.

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