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6th Feb 2013, 12:00 AM

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Krisantyne on 6th Feb 2013, 12:00 AM

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Yes, Sara still uses the e-mail address she made at age 11 and she isn't very talkative in writing. No, she absolutely has been taking photos all the time. This is definitely not a plot hole that had to be created because of the incompability of the photo shape and the the e-mail panel shape.
Also, we have some new Pokémon (it will take a while until I start getting non-redundant types), a fit of jealousy (please say you did see this coming) and the realization that at least one full-grown Golem lives in Merson Cave. C:

Trivia Section!
  • Now you know the exact date. Mind = blown.

  • The entirety of this page was less than five minutes of gameplay. All trainers encountered (1) are shown.

  • If you think Hayward City is big, just wait for the next city~. Did I really just say that? Cities are the most horrible thing to draw.

  • Actually the Pokémon Lab in Hayward City doesn't have a public museum attached but I don't like breaking and entering into research facilities.

  • Don't let your wild-caught Butterfree try sugar. Ever. Benny may or may not have caused an accident involving an ice cream truck, a fire hydrant and memory gaps in a few people from Confusion.

  • Actually I didn't buy Dig and Brick Break just yet, but no unneccessary backtracking in comics ugh.

  • The Department Store has evolution stones. Look who didn't buy any.

  • The entirety of Western Docks (aka Western Rijon Dockway) was shown on this page. There are the Mega Kick and Mega Punch tutors, a ferry that hasn't arrived for weeks, one trainer and many Rattatas. Yes, real people would only go there by accident.

  • 31 Attack IV Eevee with Secret Power (70 BP + STAB) is 31 Attack IV Eeevee with Secret Power (70 BP + STAB).

Next time: Rival battle. And more importantly, Cut Trees are explained. I can see you on the edge of your seats there.

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