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We're back at Mt. Boulder Range, the route in the north of Merson City where Nadia was caught. Somewhere along the way, there's an entrance to Mt. Boulder Caves, a cave system that spans half of the region's underground. Fortunately, every path from this entrance is blocked by Strength boulders, so we don't have to spend much time in there. :3c

At the end of Mt. Boulder Range, there is a software company building, right in the middle of nowhere. My notes about this building say something along the lines of 'Holy crap what is this why is nobody of these people working?', so I guess my depiction is pretty accurate..? Anyway, this is the place where you get the Eevee in the game. Therefore, this is the page where the issue about Terry not being allowed to battle gets pretty much resolved.

After a lot of naggingm guilt-tripping and shouting from various team members, Sara finally changes her mind. Have a side serving of cryptic plot hints. ovob The last cryptic plot hints for a while. Lo and behold, the next few pages will be happier! No angst and crying and drama! Thank god that's over.

Then there's Caitlyn. I love her. She's so wonderfully expressive and loves making people awkward. :3c She will appear a few more times, but not often enough. Sigh.

Now for the long awaited essay where the idea to ship Sara and Lachlan came from, besides copious amounts of self indulgence!
There really are a lot of things he does in the game that make you wonder...
  • He sends his older sister after you to give to a present. An expensive present.

  • There's some kind of postal system in Rijon that people use to send you letters. Half of the letters you get in the game are from him. All of them say how awesome you are.

  • He's the only Gym leader who cares so much about you that he wants a rematch.
If you look at this from the viewpoint of the 10-year-old that you are according to the game, he apparently thinks you are a prodigy of a trainer and the little brother/sister he never had.
If you imagine yourself as someone close to his age, he's clearly into you. (∗´꒳`)

Trivia Section!
  • Best TM case ever y/y? Research has shown that the Secret Power TM is actually given to you by someone in the PKMN Fan Club in Merson City, but I skipped that. The other Normal type TM, Return, can be acquired in the building at South Rijon Gate.

  • Yup, Terry is actually ridiculously strong and it's getting to his head. IV Calculator says he has almost certainly 31 IVs in Attack, SpeDef and Speed, 28-29 in SpeAtc, and HP and Defense are okay-ish. The goodest boy.

  • Why did I teach him Secret Power instead of Return? Because Return would be wasted on something that doesn't stay a Normal type.

  • As you can see with Nathan, evolution doesn't make Pokémon more mature in this universe!

  • What on earth made me give Caitlyn a motor scooter. I ended up tracing parts of it because I just couldn't get it right. Next character who needs a vehicle may or may not get a hoverboard.

Next time: Travel montage! We'll be covering a lot of ground.

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